Evento Copatlife x Ricard Camarena


The Italian kitchen firm Copatlife is holding a gourmet experience in Valencia together with Ricard Camarena on the occasion of the Habitat 2022 Fair.

The thematic event immerses the 5 senses in the area of the kitchen.

Taste and Smell
Chef Ricard Camarena, 2 Michelin Stars and 3 Repsol Suns, was in charge of providing a 9-course cocktail-style catering.

Touch and Sight
Two kitchen projects were exhibited. Each of them had 3 visual supports to see the distribution, the materialities and the final result.

The night was set to the rhythm of Boccachico. He is the DJ in charge of setting the atmosphere for the nights of the Crida in Fallas and New Year’s Eve at the Valencia City Hall, as well as the private parties of the AD Magazine.

The private event “The night of the 5 senses” brought together a wide variety of architects, builders and interior designers from the Valencian Community, the directors of the kitchen firm Copatlife Italia and Ricard Camarena himself. They enjoyed a cocktail-style menu of 8 appetizers to the rhythm of Boccachico.

During the evening, two great cooking projects were presented, one in Equatorial Guinea and the other local. The guests were able to see the design sketch, the materialities with accessories and the final result on an ipad, with which they interacted to see the details.

You can see the result of the event on our Instagram at and on the website of the Colegio de Diseñadores de Interior de la Comunidad Valencia.


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