Architectural design

4.1 System

Technological innovation and architectural design are getting closer than ever. Technological innovation and architectural design are getting more unified defining the building envelope as a fusion of these two elements. The architecture´s skin loses its function of pure cladding to become an interface: the building receives and transmits information in an “intelligent” way. The door of 4.1 project appropriates this technology and has been thought and designed as an architectural item. The internal ribbed aluminium structure can be covered with wood or lacquered panel. A layer that knows how to protect but also how to express.



An elegant kitchen that responds to the need for simplicity and technicality.

The Italian kitchen company Copatlife presents the latest technological innovations through the new and exclusive 4.1 system. Within this system we present the three collections also defined as 3 spaces; 4.1_1, 4.1_2 and 4.1_3.

The architect Edoardo Gherardi has designed for Copatlife this kitchen system to satisfy multiple and contemporary needs. One of the revolutionary proposals of this system is the design of the door with high technological value. The internal structure consists of a ribbed aluminum panel, while the external cover defines the aesthetic. Finishes are available in wood or lacquered satin of 16 mm thick.

Thanks to this and other technological innovations, 4.1 has been recognized and won the German Design Award of the best design.

Since 2021, the German Design Award has honored the most innovative projects on the international design scene. The project was shortlisted by the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) and promoted on the basis of criteria relating to sustainability, aesthetics, durability and functionality.



In system 4.1 highlights you will find new ideas for your kitchen design.

Among all the novelties, we would like to mention the sliding bar Sliding_front, the floor or floating container Server and the vertical suspended elements Foomo.

The architectural experience transferred to the kitchen space.

barra deslizante de cocina



Sustainable and refined materials.

Consult the Copatlife materials that comply with the Volatile Organic Compounds regulation.

Finishes in heat-treated solid wood for a warm and natural effect. Discover the satin lacquered finish with water-based paint, in accordance with the principles of ecological sustainability.

This collection offers a large range a finishes and colors to satisfy our client´s desires: from light kitchens such as white or off-white to dark wood or black kitchens.