The headquarters of the Italian kitchen brand Copatlife is located in Fontanafredda in northern Italy. The facilities include a modern 80,000 square metre factory, where thousands of kitchens are produced every year for export all over the world. In addition, the facilities include an avant-garde showroom, called #Hangar, where every detail is meticulously cared for. 

The tour of the facilities is an experience that adapts to the multiple ways of experiencing a kitchen. It offers to anyone an immersion in an architectural or decoration project, a unique experience with the materials to release their mind, get inspired and create.

The choice of the new showroom´s location in Valencia confirms the close relationship between Copatlife and the  Mediterranean design and culture. From the façade you can admire the 3 large kitchen systems. Inside, each kitchen is a functional space but also a source of inspiration.

“We build experiential spaces so that the kitchen becomes an important nucleus of conviviality where emotions are cooked”.

Creative space, meeting point, expression of freedom. 



Designing does not mean imposing a way of living the space, but freeing the minds of those who are about to experience it. Those who choose Copatlife choose their #wayoflife.

Copatlife introduces Way of Life, a kitchen environment design philosophy that combines the modules of all Copatlife systems; from special elements to the most innovative configurations, including finishes and stylistic details the most in line with the user´s desires.

An innovative approach where the creative dialogue between the systems allows you to combine an infinity of materials and stylistic solutions in a single project: your kitchen in absolute freedom.

A single project, infinite combinations of style and materials.



The Hangar is a meeting, a relationship, a place of transmission, especially for architects and designers, where ideas are the protagonists and where Copatlife systems can be seen, touched and imagined in numerous aesthetic and design scenarios: this is the concept from which the Hangar was born.

Designed by Gherardi Architetti, the Hangar is part of a 900 square metre industrial building that divides the environment into an experimental dimension in which there is an exhibition area with a working kitchen suitable for demonstrations and cooking shows, the Pavillon, a multifunctional space that can be transformed into a photographic set, auditorium, projection room or laboratory, the hospitality area, a lounge space dedicated to the client and, finally, an editorial space to house Copatlife’s communication products.

An ambitious and articulated project that also included the redesign of the outdoor area that defines an expressive atmosphere consistent with the Copatlife’s philosophy.



Technology, machines, organisation and skills together, to always achieve a constant and certified Quality. Efficiency, flexibility and service are our daily mantras.

Through the strategy led by the firm, the projects traditionally known as “kitchens” have evolved to adapt to all possible ways of feeling and living your home.

“We build experiential spaces by turning the kitchen into an important nucleus of coexistence where emotions are cooke”.