Copatlife System

3.1 Specials



The special elements of the 3.1 system define the kitchen environment. A precise, geometric design that separates but does not divide. An open, multifunctional kitchen with task-based zones to invite conviviality while maintaining order.

A strategically thought-out kitchen layout offers solutions capable of satisfying the multiple needs of everyday life. The design and layout of your kitchen should be the result of a functional, protective and aesthetically pleasing project.

This system integrates innovative proposals for the different zones that make up a kitchen; the food preparation area, the pantry, the cooking area and the cleaning area. We highlight the Cad Wine or Flow_ine glass columns with internal lighting, perfect for displaying crockery, glasses or bottles of wine, cava or champagne. And also, the Colonna Guest element, for the development of other functions near the kitchen area.

Cad Wine

A suspended cabinet for displaying tableware or wine


Corner pantry cabin with backlit on the internal side complete with shelves and glass holders.

This unique kitchen unit stands out for its combination of functionality and design. It offers the possibility of storage (crockery, spice racks, jars, bottles, jugs, etc.) without sacrificing design.

A perfect option for displaying and organizing in an elegant home.

columnas cocina para exponer vino
columa suspendida para vino y vajilla


Suspended wine or crockery cabinets


Tall units with glass door complete with bottle and glass holder elements.

A smaller version of the Cad Wine columns for smaller kitchens. An unmistakable design and practical element for an elegant kitchen.


Integrated pass-through door system


A perfect option for camouflaging passageways and integrating them into the environment with the same materials and handles or openings.

puertas camufradas para la cocina o salon
puertas escamoteables cocinas

Colonna Guest

Column with doors to conceal work areas


Column with pocket doors complete with glass shelves, glass holder and backlit backpanel with remote control.
Modern kitchens are characterized by their ability to blend in with their surroundings without stealing the limelight. Architecture and design merge to maintain the minimalism of the environment without sacrificing functionality.

Tio Snack Barra

Snack bar with plugs


Snack with countertop th. 16 mm “folding”, metal legs and covers that can be equipped with electrical or usb sockets.

The kitchen is the heart of the house and one of the meeting points for family and guests. More and more people are choosing to incorporate a snack bar in their kitchen for greater comfort. The bar is ideal for breakfasts or meals and its importance is such that it routinely replaces the dining table, which is reserved for more special occasions.

mesa barra snack cocinas
mesa barra snack

Lag Snack Barra

New snack bar design


Snack with structure and legs in solid wood and worktop th. 12 mm, “inclined cut” profile.

Tuki Back

Suspended container without doors


Container element applicable to the wall with glass holder and railings in brunito aluminum finish. Available upon request with led backlit and / or back in Laminam gres porcelain.

New display cabinets for displaying and presenting your tableware. A perfect option to have at hand the items you use every day.

vitrina exponer vajilla
especiales 3.1 mueble sin puertas tuki

Tuki Side

Kitchen unit without door


Container element that can be applied laterally to a p.57 or p.67 terminal column. Available upon request with laminam gres porcelain splashback.

Tuki worktop unit

Kitchen element with shelves, glass holder or with spice racks.


Technical element positioned on the worktop, as a backpanel between the base and wall units.

The structure is made of satin or brunito aluminum 6 mm thick, the back and shelves 10 mm thick are made in a wide range of finishes of 2.1 and 3.1 systems.

It is available in three compositional variants consisting of: shelves, glass rack and spice rack in three modular widths and variable height.

accesorios de cocina para organizar
botellero para cocina

“Chef System” bottle rack or pantry

Modular cabinet for pantry or and wall bottle holder use.


Innovative element for design and construction process. The structure is made in folding, with a 19 mm thick veneered panel with a 45 ° front edge.

Available in different heights and widths with “T” divider or with reversible inclined divider for bottle holders or with smoked glass door.

it can be hanged on the wall or on the “Plano” boiserie with the possibility of horizontal movement by means of hangers.

“Hul” Bottle holder base

Design wine cellar for your modern kitchen


This special element of the 3.1 system is designed to create a comfortable and useful ( not reopen cellar in the kitchen environment.

The bottle holder can be aligned in height with the other bases in the kitchen. The bottles containers are in stainless steel with a diameter of 110 mm and are not removable.

The “Hul” module does not have a refrigeration system. It is available in all the brushed oak, special wood, lacquered and fenix ntm finishes of the 3.1 system.

vinoteca o botellero para vino o champagne
estanterías para la cocina Copatlife

Boiserie “Plano”

Completely concealed wall-mounted boiserie.


Modular boiserie with concealed wall fixing, thanks to 3 mm thick lateral caps in satin, burnished and satin lacquered aluminum.

The channel of the horizontal profile, obtained by overlapping the modules, is used to suspend the “IOL” and “Chef System” elements or 10 mm thickshelves in an aluminum composite panel.