Copatlife Valencia Italian kitchens presents the #2.1 environments. This system integrates eight kitchen environments to free your mind when creating your kitchen project. It includes the collections 2.1_A #20, 2.1_B #20, 2.1_C #20, 2.1_D #20, 2.1_E #20 and 2.1_F #20. A source of inspiration for the design of your new made-to-measure kitchen.

This system shows the kitchen as the control centre of the home in which the spaces interact in an open and harmonious way. The central island as the generator of the project is designed for cooking and sharing. The special elements, such as the novelties in columns, are designed to draw the different zones of the contemporary space.

With #2.1 the spaces are connected with modular elements that separate, but do not divide. It is a dialogue between the architecture of the spaces and the industrial product.

2.1_A #20

2.1_B #20

2.1_C #20

2.1_D #20

2.1_E #20

2.1_F #20


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