Contemporary design

2.1 System

Architecture and design meet each other within a meaningful domestic place, where creativity and daily routine interact during the daily life. Eight project ideas that interpret needs, functions the desire of a balanced space of volumes and researched harmonies, to give contemporary solutions for the kitchen space. Copatlife provide the designer a complete and efficient industrial product, this product answers to the multiple functional-aesthetic requests, creating unique spaces.



New geometries define the kitchen.

The Italian kitchen company Copatlife introduce an industrial kitchen design in system #2.1. Within this system we present the collections, also known as ambiences or spaces: 2.1_A #20, 2.1_B #20, 2.1_C #20, 2.1_D #20, 2.1_E #20 and 2.1_F #20.

The dialogue between the architecture of the spaces and the industrial product generates an effective and distinctive solution. This collection is perfect for an open kitchen design as it offers multiple solutions, adding linear elements that design the environment and determine its function and space. The spaces are connected with modular elements that separate, but do not divide.

Copatlife defines this new project, with new emphasis and contents adding innovative materials and material textures. 2.1 is a project which allows freedom of interpretation and gives new stimuli to the different ways of contemporary living, showing and stimulating new compositional creativity.



Laminate interprets the Kitchen 2.1 system.

Consult Copatlife’s sustainable materials that comply with the Volatile Organic Compounds regulation.

Finishes in heat-treated solid wood planks for a warm and natural effect. Discover the satin lacquered finish with water-based paint, in accordance with the principles of ecological sustainability.

The 2.1 system uses doors and sides made of materials with innovative technical and visual characteristics, which offer high resistance to scratching and are easy to clean.



In system 2.1 specials you can find different elements to open up the kitchen to the living room. Open spaces can be created with homogeneity and harmony with these creative and elegant proposals.

Among all the new products, we highlight the column with an open side module, ideal for hiding electrical appliances. And we also highlight the Hof wall unit, ideal for desks or areas near the kitchen.

Minimalism transferred to the kitchen space.