Extend the kitchen environment

3.1 System

As a generator of projects, it is developed to expand the kitchen environment: it can create a third room suitable for the preparation and storage of food, an equipped technical passage, a private environment in which to carry out other activities .Thanks to equipped columns, new worktops, multifunctional walls, luminous suspended elements and walk-through solutions, the kitchen becomes a functional, protective device with a high aesthetic value, capable of increasing its possibilities and offering solutions capable of satisfying the multiple needs of everyday life. The rich choice of finishes underlines the versatile and stylistic nature of the project, which manages to reflect, with accuracy and respect, the character of the houses in which it is inserted and of the people who live there.



3.1 system presents various kitchen environments to inspire anyone involved in an architectural or design project. The 6 kitchen environments in the catalogue #3.1_22 integrate new features to delimit different areas within a kitchen without closing or isolating. A kitchen that allows moments of conviviality and, at the same time, accommodates areas reserved for other functions. Discover in this catalogue the environments: 3.1_A22, 3.1_B22, 3.1_C22, 3.1_D22, 3.1_E22 and 3.1_F22.

It creates a studied, efficient environment with a contemporary and elegant design.



Between the main entrance and the kitchen, a third room with furniture doors acts as an equipped filter, allowing you to order your groceries or prepare some dishes without being disturbed. In the kitchen area, which is open to the living room and to the outside thanks to a large window, you can enjoy convivial moments and a pleasant view of the garden. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and characterised by the beauty of Italian design.

Discover all the accessories and novelties for your kitchen at 3.1 Specials.

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Sustainable and fine finishes
Consult the Copatlife materials that comply with the Volatile Organic Compounds regulation.
The 3.1 system uses materials ranging from polished oak to lacquered, from innovative materials such as Fenix NTM glass and stoneware to cover doors and sides. Harmonious combination of fine finishes in contrasting shades. The shades in this collection of finishes range from light kitchens such as white or grey to kitchens in colours such as pink, blue or aquamarine green. New shades that are on trend without losing elegance and timelessness.