Copatlife Valencia Italian kitchens present the 4.1 system environments. This exclusive kitchen design is not only functional, but also a source of inspiration for those who cook with emotions. Among the special elements of these three collections, 4.1_1, 4.1_2 and 4.1_3, we highlight four revolutionary elements in technology and design.

Foomo open, suspended vertical elements: inspired by architecture, the central compartment of the container has been designed for the insertion of ovens, microwave ovens, wine coolers, integrated coffee machines or plate warmer modules. The sculptural element integrates top and bottom compartments with backlighting.

Sliding bar on Sliding Front worktop with integrated sliding system and decelerated opening and closing devices. In the showroom you will see the island featuring a functional sliding snack bar. When opened, it can be used as a table or bar, while closed it conceals the work area: the sink integrated in the countertop, concealed tap and/or cooking area. A revolutionary system that adds spaciousness and minimalism to your kitchen project.

The tall unit with retractable doors offers a large capacity for storing kitchenware and supplies. The fronts units are concealed in the cupboard side, which includes a work area with lighting and very useful power sockets for small electrical appliances. It is the ideal place to prepare breakfast, coffee at any time of day, smoothies, etc.