New catalogue #3.1_22

cocinas modernas valencia

A dynamic journey, from kitchen to human habitats.

With the 3.1 ► system, the kitchen is transformed into a dynamic architectural concept, becoming the fulcrum on which to develop the entire domestic habitat.

Designed by the architect Edoardo Gherardi, 3.1 ► is a design journey around the user and his world, a combination of Copatlife systems and modularity in which functional ergonomics is integrated into the environment, where the way of living becomes the principle of representation.

The rich selection of finishes underlines the versatile and stylistic nature of the project, which manages to reflect, with accuracy and respect, the character of the houses in which it is displayed and of the people who live there. Thanks to equipped columns, new tops, multifunctional walls,

luminous suspended elements and pass-through doors, the kitchen evolves into a functional, protective device with a high aesthetic value, able to increase its possibilities and offer solutions capable of satisfying the multiple needs of daily life.

As an expandable catalog, 3.1 ► increases the information of the paper narrative giving you the opportunity to explore projects on a deeper level. Through the use of the smartphone and the cross-media of QR Codes, reading becomes a multimedia experience.

The narrative moves between heterogeneous places and cultures, outlining the style of six architectural concepts. The presentation of the product therefore becomes a journey of which the user, entering in an aesthetic and intrapersonal dimension, is both a spectator and a potential protagonist.

nuevo sistema cocina moderna 3.1 copatlife

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