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Door handles

Designing your custom-made kitchen at Copatlife allows you to personalise every detail of your project to the maximum. Under our #wayoflife philosophy; a single project, infinite compositions, you can combine all our handles with any material and collection of our three systems.
The handles, knobs or openings of your kitchen, as well as being essential elements due to their functionality, at Copatlife we think that the design should complement the atmosphere of your home. Adding design and exclusivity. We offer a wide range of openings and handles in terms of sizes, colours and shapes. Consult the innovative proposals that each system integrates.



#2.1 System

The #2.1 system includes a family of openings that allow you to interpret the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen in a different way. In this collection you will find the push-pull, “set” and “board” models as innovative handles integrated into the edge of the door to cover different areas of taste, the curved handle for straight-edged doors. Flat rim for straight-edged doors with recessed handle and door with 30° inclined top edge, which offer a complete range of designs, capable of adapting to all needs.

#3.1 System

The 3.1 system offers a wide variety of models and opening sizes. As a manufacturer of Italian kitchens, we offer for each system an innovative collection of handles to complement the design of your home. In this collection you will find a curved handle for straight-edged doors, a flat handle for straight-edged doors, a recessed handle and a door with a 30° inclined top edge with an integrated “Grip” handle, which offers protection to the front at a very critical point and guarantees a secure grip for this type of opening.

#4.1 System

The exclusive #4.1 system integrates innovative technological and design proposals. These three large kitchen environments have been designed by Italian architects with straight lines, elegant materials and modern accessories. This luxurious collection integrates various designs of handles and handle-less fronts, based on modern and minimalist architectural design. Discover this collection and its infinite combinations suitable for doors, drawers and kitchen cabinets.

Straight edge door

Kitchen doors with excellent grip


Melamine door has a “straight edge” on all four sides. Combined with the curved groove it offers correct grip even when there are bases with dishwashers, or columns with fridge.

This type of door is available in thirty-eight finishes: twenty-three in “thermo-structured melamine”, seven in “super-opaque melamine”, four in “glossy Tecnogloss”. and four in “Matt zerogloss”.

tirador y apertura de cocina

Sloping edge

Door opening with 30º edge


The door with the upper 30° edge is available in the “Tecnomalta” finish and it is here presented in this composition in “Brera” color.

Push-pull opening

Undermount sink with two pull-out drawers


The removable door opening offers better accessibility to the inner compartment which can contain the waste bin but also some cleaning products. The horizontal fixed shelf is positioned so that there is no conflict with the siphon and can be used to contain small objects.


We also have available the Tipmatic mechanical opening handle, for drawers and pull-outs. Available for heavier loads.

tirador de cocina para puertas

Grip opening

Top edge bevelled at 30° where the “Grip” handle is inserted


The door has a 30° bevelled top edge where the “Grip” handle is fitted to protect the door and increase the grip. The “Grip” handle is characterised by an aluminium profile, which has a groove in the middle of its surface that facilitates the opening and it is also noticeable by a technical detail formed by a small protruding profile at the end, placed in correspondence with the edge of the door.

“Board” Integrated Handle

Integrated handle for kitchen columns and base units


It is a new integrated handle and it offers a good grip. Through its geometrical shape, it substitutes visually the effect of a recessed grip on the structure.

Take handle

Less door with integrated “Take” handle


Detail of door less with 90° handle.

“Toa” handle for base units

Handle with industrial design


Island in grigio 70 matt satin lacquered finish, toa handle in bronzo matt, silestone cemento worktop th. 20 mm.

Toa handle for columns

Handle with excellent grip


“Toa” is a new external handle, presented here in the 3.1 system. It has a cylindrical diameter of 12 mm and is the current reinterpretation of the Tondino metal handle.

“Toa” is, in fact, a “timeless” handle, able to offer an excellent grip in use. This handle is also available in the “door height” variant for installation on single door columns.

Ribbed handle

Aluminium kitchen handle


Ribbed handle in brunite aluminium with millerighe aesthetics and concealed fixing system. Moro evaporated oak door with millerighe aluminium profile in brunite finish.

Hem handle

Champagne finish


Doors in Piase finish with Hem handle in Champagne finish

Meg handle

Modern design kitchen handle


Metal kitchen handle with modern design. Available in different sizes and finishes. Inox, Brunito and Champagne.

tirador meg copatlife


Aluminium handle


Aluminium Zetaframe handle available in various finishes. A perfect choice for a modern and minimalist kitchen.

Pomolo Knob

Elegant design kitchen handle


Round kitchen knob with modern design. Available in two sizes (ø 40 and 70) and finishes (Inbox fumo and brunito).

tirador cocina Pomolo

Sensomatic electric handle

Electric handle for maximum comfort


The doors open with light pressure and close again simply at the flick of a switch. Easy, smooth and quiet opening.

In spite of the electric drive system, the door can also be opened or closed manually at any time without restriction.

Sensomatic electric handle