How to illuminate your kitchen properly?

The kitchen lighting should be functional and aesthetic.


One of the most important aspects of a kitchen refurbishment is the lighting proposal. This should be adapted to the space and defined by areas.

In addition to the general or decorative lighting, it is important to use the correct light fittings for the areas of work. This implies to choose specific lights for the cooking and sink areas.

– General light: this type of light is the one used to enter the room. It should provide light to the entire space equally. Integrated spotlights in the ceiling is one of the most elegant way to achieve this effect, you can see a few examples on our website in the “Proyectos” section.

– Decorative light: as its name suggests, this type of light is purely aesthetic. An example of this kind of lighting can be found on our website under the “Showroom” tab. You will find there photos of our showrooms in Valencia where featured light fixtures from a large range of international brands: from Italian company such as Karman to national supplier such as Marset or Arkoslight.

– Spot lighting by zones: this is one of the most important, and at the same time, the most undervalued of the three type of illumination. It should emphasize the work areas for several reasons: it leads to order and cleanliness, reduces fatigue and eyestrain and help visualizing the workplace and the dirty places.

Finally, we can also illuminate drawers, cabinets and showcases: This type of lighting is especially useful to gain in functionality – by illuminating the drawers for example, but add also elegance and desig to a cabinet or a showcase.

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