Kitchens open to the living or dining room: the trend in architecture and interior design.

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Ideas, tips and examples of how to limit spaces without dividing.

Kitchen open to the living room or closed?

In Copatlife Valencia, we are experts in custom kitchen design, in this article we invite you to discover the advantages of this style and why it is an excellent option to renovate your home. Among the many advantages we highlight:

✔️ A feeling of spaciousness and greater luminosity: When barriers such as partitions are eliminated, the kitchen and dining room seem larger and more open spaces.

✔️  Integrates the kitchen into the social life of the home: Opens the possibility of conversing with family or guests while cooking.

✔️ Greater sense of control: Allows children or pets to be in view while cooking from the dining room.

✔️ Multifunctional space: The area formerly occupied by the partition wall can be transformed into a work space, breakfast bar or additional storage.

✔️ Modern, contemporary style: Open kitchens are a design element associated with a modern, avant-garde style.

✔️ Increases home value: Generally, homes with open kitchens are more valuable in the real estate market.

However, completely eliminating the separation between the kitchen and the rest of the room can cause inconveniences, such as the spread of odors and noise or difficulty in maintaining order. Therefore, it is important to come up with intelligent solutions to delimit spaces without the need to build walls.

Tips and examples to achieve a perfect open kitchen:

1. Define the zones of the house

It is important to visually distinguish the different functional areas even if the kitchen is integrated into the living or dining room. This can be achieved by changing floor or wall materials, playing with height levels or adding decorative elements such as rugs, hanging lamps or separator bars.

cocinas en valencia de diseño

2. Strategic furniture

The arrangement of furniture is crucial to define spaces without interfering with the flow of the whole. A peninsula or central island can serve as natural dividers, while a well-placed dining table defines the dining area.

3. Types of illumination

Lighting is essential to define spaces. It is recommended to use general lighting for the entire environment and then add specific points of light for each area, such as recessed spotlights in the ceiling or pendant lighting over the island.

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4. Efficient extraction:

Ensure a clean, odor-free environment with the right cooker hood. In an open kitchen, an efficient stove hood is essential to remove odors, smoke and grease from the air, preventing them from spreading throughout the rest of the house.

5. Order and cleanliness:

To maintain a pleasing aesthetic in an open kitchen, order and cleanliness are essential. Having enough storage space to keep utensils, appliances and surfaces clean is crucial. Shelves, cabinets and accessories are the best allies.

cocinas modernas Copatlife Valencia