Our selection of kitchen taps and sinks

How to choose the best option?


The Copatlife Valencia team works with philosophy; projects must create emotions where all our senses participate To equip your custom kitchen project, our designers have carefully selected the best brands, recognized for their experience, design and quality.

Beside adding a touch of design to your home,  your kitchen tap and sink should make your daily life easier. If yyour tap is broken or you are refurbishing the kitchen or you simply feel like changing it, you should know that there is a large range of kitchen taps and each of them has its own particularities. If you do not know how to select among so many products available, we invite you to ask for advice by taking an appointment in our Copatlife stores in Valencia.

With the experience of our designers, we will offer you the options that suit you the best. We work with the following suppliers:  Gessi, Veravent, Tres, Iconico, Fantini, Dorn Bracht, Vola, Plados, Dake, Caple, Franke, Geda, MR, Cavali, Imex, Blanco, etc.

Some people may think that the tap and sink of a kitchen don´t deserve a lot of consideration But at Copatlife Valencia, we see these fittings as an extension of the personality of those who spend time in the kitchen, we know that the choice of a specific model and finish can make a difference.

To be able to offer you the best option, we first need to know the way you are living the kitchen.

How many people are in the house? Are you a family into gastronomy? Do you enjoy cooking elaborate or gourmet recipes? Do you usually invite guests? etc.

Once we know all these conditions, the next step is to define the size of the tap we are looking for, the type of installation (countertop or wall fixed) and finally, the kind of opening (single lever or dual lever).

Ask personalized advice to our experts without any compromise.

We invite you to experiment the Copatlife experience in our two showrooms in Valencia:  Maestro Rodrigo or Gran Via Marqués del Túria.

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