Kitchen Remodeling Company


Copatlife mood, style and personality, expression of design and habitat. The company represents a system that generates values and thoughts, shaping design artifacts for today’s kitchen concepts. A state of mind that becomes the paradigm of representation of Copatlife concepts.

Inside our offices “Mood” becomes emotion and pleasure of sharing the same values. The space where our strategies and our actions are conceived. A melting pot of voices, languages and faces. People, projects, sounds of a teamwork aiming to improve every day the quality of our services and looking toward new challenges.

The concept of knowledge and experience is a journey where product becomes style, matching thought with project. Hangar is meeting, connection, fusion to empathize with markets and with the world day by day.

Designing and planning to produce and reproduce value. Technology, machinery, organization and competences all together to obtain constant and certified quality. Efficiency, flexibility and service, our daily mantra.